Power Management Solutions


Claude Lyons range of Power Management and Control systems are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent United Kingdom standards. These systems have been adopted as the standard by most blue chip Nigerian organisations whose business depend on technology which relies heavily on clean  and regulated power supply. This family of power control and support solutions comprises:

  1. Motorised Stabilisers - 3kva - 1000kva
  2. Uninterruptible Power Supply  (UPS) systems; On-line, Double Conversion Technology
  3. Static Frequency Converters

These products are specially designed to protect sensitive Information Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcast and Media, Medical and Elevators systems. Claude Lyons Stabilizers are the best protection for Corporate and Residential Buildings.

We are the Nigerian Distributors and Service Centre for Claude Lyons range of systems and have been supporting these products for over ten years. Claude Lyons users cover virtually every facet of the Nigerian economy, ranging from Government to Finance, Commerce and Industry.

CLAUDE LYONS  TOTAL SITE POWER PROTECTION - A holistic approach to Corporate power protection